Cooperation with the Taclla foundationClick here for the website of the Taclla foundation

We have a cooperation bond with the Taclla foundation. The Taclla foundation supports small-scale initiatives which try to improve the social situation of deprived people worldwide. The foundation is inspired by the work of Jesus Christ. He always looked for the others and helped them.

This cooperation offers several advantages for us and for you. Your gift is now guaranteed for tax-deduction. Taclla is also actively supporting us by doing fund recruitment.


ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

We also have the ANBI status, because of our cooperation with the Taclla foundation. This status is given by the Dutch tax authorities and guarantee tax-deduction for your gift.

To make use of the ANBI status, your gift need to be transferred via the Taclla foundation. Taclla guarantees that all gifts will be for 100% transferred to Welcome Home.




  • More information on how to donate your gift via the Taclla foundation: Click here
  • Or take a look at the website of the Taclla foundation:


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