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Uganda lies in East-Africa on both sides of the equator and is completely enclosed by the Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania. The size of Uganda is 236,040 square meter. With that Uganda is about 7 times the size of The Netherlands The border with Tanzania crosses Lake Victoria which is about 34,500 km2 in size and is for about half property of Uganda. The landscape exists mainly of plateaus and mountains. Uganda has a tropical climate and therefore it is raining quite often.

Uganda is a former colony of Great Britain and became independent in 1962. Since then the country is quite instable  and their are irregularities quite often. One of the most known examples is general Idi Amin who ruled the country as a dictator. Under his supervision an estimated few hundred thousand people died.
Also because of the neighbouring countries the situation in Uganda is often tense and unsafe. The northern part of the country, near the border of Sudan, contains a lot of child-soldiers forcibly conscripted by "The Lords Resistance Army" which is an insurgency. There are many people killed when this group is on the warpath.

The population of Uganda is more than 26 million (estimation 2002) and the average life expectancy is about 44 years. The country contains 11 different communities. The official language is English. Besides English, Luganda, Swahili and a lot of local languages are spoken.
The most common religion is Christianity (66%). Half of the Christians are Catholic, the other half is Protestant. 16% of the population is Muslim and 18% have a native religion. 38% of the population live below the poverty line.

AIDS is a widely spread problem in Uganda and is commonly found. Still doctors tell AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin. As a result of that babies are raped. An English lady who goes to nearby villages for AIDS education told us about a village in which 60% of the population has AIDS. Thankfully a lot of organisations go to Uganda to promote AIDS education.


Jinja lies in the eastern part of the country and is one of the biggest towns in Uganda with more than 100,000 residents. Is is located close to Lake Victoria near the source of the river Nile. There is a pleasant atmosphere which reminds to the 50's with wide streets and few traffic.

The orphanage

The orphanage is located in Jinja, a few hundred meter from the main-street. At one end of the street is the Source of the River Nile and at the other end is Lake Victoria.

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