There are several ways to help financial

  • Make a single or monthly donation

    You can transfer your gift to:
    IBAN: NL80FVLB0225043912
    Welcome Home Ministries Africa
    attn. J.M.J. van Beugen te 's-Hertogenbosch
    on the subject of: Project Uganda

    You can setup your banking software to automatically do a monthly transfer to the accounts above.

  • When you want to use tax-deduction:

    Because of our cooperation with the Taclla foundation you can use tax-deduction. To use tax-deduction, it is required that you donate you gift via the organization Taclla. To do so, you can transfer your gift to:
    IBAN: NL78RABO0373333900
    attn. stichting Taclla te Woudrichem
    on the subject of: Project Welcome Home Africa, Uganda
    for more info : Click here or

  • Donaties from other countries than The Netherlands:

    For donations from other countries go to and donate on line via Pay Pal.

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