Let? introduce ourselves, we are Annemie van Beugen and Alibert Bok and are the Dutch representatives of Welcome Home Ministries Africa (WHMA). We dedicate a big deal of our time to this project. Twice a year we visit the orphanage. It goes without saying that these trips and our stay in Uganda is paid from personal savings, All we do is done on a voluntary basis and we are not paid in any way. All gifts and donations made by you are used to support the children and the orphanage directly!

It all started in 2005 during a holiday in Uganda. During our trip we visited the village Jinja. While walking through the streets Annemie and Alibert in front of the orphanage we heard children singing. Curious as we are we went over to take a look. In a small ?estaurant?about 30 children where neatly seated at a long table with each a few french fries and a drink in front of them. A nice lady (Mrs. Mandy Sydo) saw us watching and explained that the children had their first outing from the orphanage a few streets further on. She invited us to visit the Christian orphanage of which she is the director. Well, that needn? be said twice !!

The first thing that we noticed in the orphanage was the structured way all was set up. One of the ?mployees?showed us around the very clean and organized premises. The windows were shielded from insects, and the rooms sober but neatly furnished . In the baby-area Annemie got to hold a two-day old boy whose mother died during childbirth. Annemie was asked to name the child! After which she closed the orphanage in her heart to never let go!

The birth day calendarDuring the remaining of the holiday Annemie kept thinking how to support the orphanage. As she was always complemented on the pictures she makes, she decided to use the pictures of the Uganda trip in a birthday calendar of which the sale proceeds would be used to help the orphanage. Back home she used funds of her own savings and that of some sponsors for the calendar. Because all the negative stories of charity proceeds getting lost before they reach their goal, Annemie decided to bring the cheque to Uganda herself. Alibert was gladly willing to company her on this trip.

Handover of the cheque Once back in Uganda we were overwhelmed with such warmth and love by Mandy and all other volunteers and ?mployees? Mandy showed us all kind of other project she and her staff supported. Annemie handed her the cheque (see picture above) for EUR 5.500,00 the proceeds of the calendar sales so far. Alibert was deeply impressed with all the good work done and got infected with the virus once he saw what help was needed in Uganda.

This is the reason we, once back home, started this website. Since this first trip we started all kind of initiatives to generate money. We give small presentations at schools, churches and other institutions to tell about Welcome home. We ask for attention by mailings as well. All possible ways to make people realize the good work that is done in Uganda are used! Of some of these initiatives you can find pictures on this website (see a.o. latest news/initiatives). We also sell small gifts made by the people in the villages in Uganda which we take home from our yearly trip. We make sure that everybody realizes that if there is one organization that deserves that support it is WHMA and all children who need all help possible only to survive!

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