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There are millions of people in the world who need help.
To help them all is a dream which can not come true.
However we do not want to be discouraged because of this and therefore we would like to make a change for a small group of people who are in need of help.

Of course we can not do it alone, but together we can reach something.

2017-06-26Action week primary school De Dorendal
We would like to thank all teachers and children of Primary school De Dorendal for their effort during the summer week 2017. Of course also a thank you to the family de la Mar and the other parents and volunteers. What an enthusiasm and amount of money raised. Fantastic!

2017-06-12Newsletter June 2017 added
The newsletter of June 2017 is added. You can find the newsletter under newsletters / download.

2017-05-20Market day Dutch Reformed Church of Poederoijen and Loevestein
On May 13th the Dutch Reformed Church of Poederoijen and Loevestein held a market day for Welcome Home.

It was a busy and innermost day with a lot of enthusiastic people. We were also on the market to sell our Ugandan items. The proceeds of this day was surprising and exceptional.

Thanks a lot to all members of this congregation!!!!!

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